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        Sales manager:       Ms Linda               86-18920916899
        Seniorsales:        Mr Afred Lee           86-18920916799
        Seniorsales:        Ms Alice Shi           86-18222761299

        TEL: +86-22-58193899                 FAX: +86-22-58522739

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        Tianjin takatsune prestressed steel strand for Prestressed Concrete Co. Ltd., specializing in the production of various specifications of steel strand, prestressed steel wire, unbonded prestressed steel strand. Due to the business development, we are now looking for the sales staff.

        Willing to join you bring new vitality to us, we will offer you a broad space for development!

        1, recruitment requirements: college degree or above, work conscientiously, have strong communication and coordination ability and team cooperation consciousness, has the sense of responsibility; professional, men and women are not limited.

        2, number: some.

        3, job recruitment: sales personnel.

        4, registration: telephone registration, posting your resume or directly to the long Heng company integrated department registration, and registration order unified interview, can visit the company website recruitment information.

        The company web site:
        Tel: 022-68603799