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Baxin Railway 
Hangzhou East Railway Station 
Coastal Avenue 
Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway Project 
Dashan Highway 
Guangming Bridge 
Liede Bridge 
No. 12 Contract Section of Dadong Highway, by China Railway 17th Bureau 
Nanyang Bridge by China Railway 15th Bureau 
Phase 2 Contract Section of the South Section of Tianjin Coastal Avenue, by China Railway 1st Bureau 
Longyuan Bridge Constructed by Tianjin No.2 Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. at I9, 112 State Road 
313 State Road and Bridge on Tianjin Municipal Langa Line 
G308 Shahegou Bridge, Gaotang 
Beijing Subway Line 15 
Chengtang Highway Bid 8, Jiangxi Communications Construction Group 
Chiping Bridge by the 3rd Bureau of Liaocheng Highway Engineering 
Liuzhanfu Railway by China Railway 16th Bureau 
Kunming Ring Road 2 Extension Project 
Dashan Highway Bid 4, China Railway 16th Bureau 
No. 8 Contract Section of Beijing-Tianjin highway, No. 3 Engineering Co., Ltd. under China Railway 21st Bureau 
No. 14 Contract Section of Beijing-Tianjin highway, No. 4 Engineering Co., Ltd. under China Railway 17th Bureau 
Xi'an North Ring Railway Project 
Chengdu Municipal Expansion Project 
Suiyu High-speed Rail Project 
Shijiazhuang Shihuan Road Bridge 
Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Project 
Transportation Hub at Tianjin Railway Station 
Tianjin Olympic Stadium 
Civil Bid 1 Swivel Bridge of Jihu on Jingxin Highway of Sichuan Expressway Bridge 
Chongqing Fenfangwan Bridge Project, the 6th Bureau of China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Shanxi Wangcheng Highway 
S3 Project Department, Ring Road 2 to Huozhai Section, Xibaipo Highway, by China Railway 17th Bureau 
The 3rd Project Department, Jixing Section, Jingxin Highway 
LRJ-Ol Project Department, Linxi-Reshui Section, 303 State Line Road 
Jinchi Bid 6 Project Department, China Railway 4th Bureau 
ZH-O2, Yabai Line, the 6th Company under China Railway 19th Bureau 
Huanghan Railway (Shanxi Section) Project by China Railway Electrification Bureau Group 
Haolipu-Tongliao Highway Civil Works, Tongliao Traffic Engineering Bureau 
Eleventh Sumu Bridge, Jikouhu Civil Works Bid 1, Jingxin Highway 
Bid LJ08 Project Department of Chengde South Co., Ltd., Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd. 
Bid TJ10 Project Department, Leya Highway 
G3 Contract Section Project Department, Guanggan Highway 
Chongqing Jiazixi Port Project Manager Department, CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Bureau 
Fujiang No.2 Bridge, Tongnan County in Chongqing 
Yangtze River Bridge North Bridge Traffic Engineering Optimization Project, Wanzhou, Chongqing 
Zone 3 Department, Linfeng Road Bridge, Panjin, MCC Transport 
The Second Dual-line Headquarters Added by China Railway 19th Bureau 
Shilihe Bridge Project Department, Kaiyuan Street, Datong, by Beijing Urban Construction Group 
Tianhan Avenue New Bridge (No.2 Hanjiang Bridge) in Hanzhong, by Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. 

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